WordPress for Business Summit – March 4-8, 2013

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A Full Week of FREE, Content-Rich Presentations on:
WordPress Web Design • Internet Business Development •
Branding • Entrepreneur Mindset

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WordPress for Business Virtual Summit – March 4-8 and 12-13

Join thousands of entrepreneurs and WordPress enthusiasts from around the world for the first WordPress for Business Virtual Summit: a series of 12 free, content-rich webinars on WordPress Web Design, Internet Business, and Entrepreneur Success. You can get instant access to all the recordings by subscribing above – but hurry, they expire March 17th at midnight

wp-clone-e1356042812608Bringing together the world’s favorite web publishing platform with cutting-edge business implementation strategies that  every 21st century entrepreneur has to know to survive and thrive.

These webinars represent some of the finest WordPress, Web Marketing & Business Success training available today.  Review the program below, then signup to receive links to the live sessions and limited (9-day) access to the recordings.   Or, get permanent access to the recordings and to the entire WordPress for Business Course w/ WP Encyclopedia for just $147 $97 for a limited time.

As a free sign-up bonus, get our revolutionary plugin WP Clone — the fastest way to copy & migrate WordPress websites!

Afternoon Sessions – all 2pm EST (“New York time”)

 Dates & Times
(all sessions 75 min.)
 Content / Presenter

***Free recording***

Small Business WordPress Website in 1 Hour, with Marc Beneteau (beginner-intermediate)

Starting from an empty hosting account, we’ll create a professional WordPress website, using the Weaver theme (very professional and flexible free theme).  This webinar is actually a complete WordPress beginner training, and may be all you need to get started!
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We will cover:

  • Installing WordPress
  • How to choose a professional theme
  • Adding a header (and where to get them made cheaply)
  • Configuring WordPress for a static site (vs. a blog)
  • Using the Visual Editor
  • Adding navigation, pages, posts, and custom menus (links)
  • Styling fonts and colors
  • Adding social media
  • Adding a newsletter subscription form
  • Adding Youtube video
  • And more…


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Using Thesis 2.0 for Creating Custom Sites, with Rick Anderson (intermediate-advanced)

Rick  Anderson

Learn about the power of the new Thesis 2 theme while watching Rick Anderson create an entirely custom site from scratch.  We’ll take a brief tour of the Thesis 2 interface and then transform the vanilla Thesis 2 installation into a fully custom site.

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We will cover:

  • Introduction to Thesis 2
  • Setup the default layout
  • Create the standard page header
  • Create a custom menu style
  • Create a widgetized footer
  • Customize the backgrounds
  • Create a custom homepage
  • Create a homepage header
  • Add a slider to the homepage
  • Customize the text styles


(Membership required)

Performance Execution for Entrepreneurs, with best-selling author and business guru Jeff Magee (all levels)

jeff mageeIn this powerful program by Dr. Jeffrey Magee, participants will explore 18-years of research on leading edge businesses and gain a very clear understanding on the six strategic and tactical aspects of what it “really” takes to be considered one of the best and how easily it can implode. YOUR map for success will be revealed and you will leave with quantifiable models you can instantly use to move yourself and your organization to the next level of performance!

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Six critical factors have been shown to directly influence the “Ownership Model” and how you go about getting individuals and groups to assume significantly greater levels of ownership on projects, within committees, inter-departmental or line interactions, with their areas of responsibility, and the organization over-all. As a result of this webinar, you will learn how to apply the Trajectory Code™ Model to benchmark your every interaction, decision, alignment to ensure your direction is towards success, and avoid creating roadblocks to success.

You will also learn:

  1. Attitude (Mindset), known in psychology as the single human control factor, evaluate the champions mindset and how it impacts your approach to everything one does and how one manages others and their self to greatness – Harvard research will guide you toward your “X-Factor®” and make the games you engage in very clear from the outset as to the level of productivity, proficiency, and profitability that can be attained
  2. Learn how to objectively analyze yourself and others for needed competencies to accelerate personal growth and development with the “Player Capability Index© Model”. This instrument has radically changed how people interview, hire, promote, and task assignments to their internal talent pool or outsource and partner for others talent management
  3. Learn how to identify, design, and apply the Five Internal Mission Statements® to your organization for consistent sound collaborative decision making and application of manpower for group accomplishment
  4. Success trait #1 of the accomplished is that they do what others hesitate or are unwilling to do. When it comes to decision making, there are only four psychological steps to making a decision and with the STOP Model® you learn how to address each, enlist advocates into the process, guard against hasty actions that can spell disaster, and ensure you always have sound contingency plans
  5. Understanding the branding sociology drives one to understand that both as an individual and as an organization, the consumer mind is moved to action in one of two ways. The traditional USF Model is expanded into two applications – USFx2:4™, with four sub drivers, which will dictate exactly how you sustain your survival in the marketplace and how to forecast market needs to become a market force influencer
  6. Identify and “assess” how the FIST FACTOR® (your mental-board-of-directors) determines who you are and who you can become. This is a sound driver to ones EQ that dictates how one will draw upon and use their IQ for success and greatness. Harvard now estimates that nearly 80 percent of ones’ true effectives and thus success is driven by one’s EQ and not the IQ. In this final round you will learn how champions have the poise to stay grounded in seemingly shakable situations and how you can be the calm in the troublesome seas of daily business.


(Membership required)

Secrets to Growing Your WordPress Site Organically, with super-blogger and copywriting legend Michel Fortin (all levels)

michel-fortinDiscover the magnetic power hidden inside your WordPress blog or website by using these little-known tips, tweaks, and tools to grow your readership, build your list, attract a higher quality subscriber base, and best of all increase your business. Using specific “behind-the-scenes” WordPress settings, layouts, plugins, templates, and configurations, you can…

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  • Set up your site properly for future growth;
  • Expand your website’s traffic geometrically;
  • Create an endless stream of qualified readers;
  • Attract eager buyers with less marketing effort;
  • Leverage other media to boost your visibility;
  • Convert any page or salesletter into WordPress;
  • Monetize underdeveloped sections of your site;
  • Maximize your site’s design for higher response;
  • And much, much more.


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How to run a successful “Blog Tour”, with best-selling author and publishing consultant Beth Barany (all levels)

beth-baranyAttend this webinar if you want to reach your readers through one of today’s most influential platforms: book bloggers and avid bloggers. A blog tour is a way to spread the message about your book, generate book sales, increase your newsletter subscribers, and overall, increase your author platform (or reach).

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You will learn:

  • How to leverage the power of book bloggers’ avid readership
  • How to find bloggers eager to celebrate your book, product, or service
  • All the step-by-step tools to be totally prepared for your blog tour




Evening Sessions – all 7pm EST (“New York time”)

Dates & Times
(all sessions 75 min.)
Content / Presenter

(Membership required)

How to Become Irresistible to a Market, with Shahar & Nash Boyayan (all levels)

Shahar and Nash BoyayanThis mother and daughter team started with two bags and a teddy bear and created a multi-6 figures business showing entrepreneurs how to become irresistible to their markets.  You will learn how to:

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  • Develop the Right Entrepreneur’s Mindset
  • Create Your Irresistible Message
  • Market For Maximum Results
  • Be perceived as the icon in your market
  • Keep buyers buying from you


(Membership required)

Monetizing WordPress: eCommerce & Membership Systems, with Marc Beneteau (all levels)

In this webinar we’ll explain the basics of doing eCommerce (collecting money for your products or services) in WordPress. This includes a general review of payment systems and third-party shopping carts, plus feature walk-throughs and demonstrations of the powerful WordPress Membership plugins Wishlist Member.

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We’ll cover:

  • Suggested payment systems for WordPress websites
  • Review of affiliate management systems for WordPress (get other people to promote you)
  • Review of externally-hosted shopping cart solutions
  • Review of WordPress shopping cart plugins — the good, the bad and the ugly
  • Review of WordPress membership plugins
  • Feature walk-through of the powerful Wishlist Member plugin — plus a look behind the scenes of WP Academy’s membership system
  • Demonstration of a couple of WordPress shopping cart plugins, including the relatively new (and powerful) WooCommerce plugin


(Membership required)

WordPress Mobile, with George Plumley (all levels)

It won’t be long now before more people access the internet on a mobile device than through a desktop computer – is your website ready? If you use WordPress, the answer can easily be yes.  In this webinar, author and trainer George Plumley will show you the three key options. But more importantly, he’ll talk about why your mobile site should NOT be a shrunken version of your regular website. He’ll also talk about the differences between mobile users – tablets are not smartphones, and vice versa – and how your WordPress site can meet the needs of any audience.

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You’ll learn about:

  • Automatic theme-switching
  • Responsive WordPress themes
  • Plugins that will instantly create a mobile site
  • How to keep your current theme AND go mobile
  • Having a different menu for different sites
  • How the top-down flow of websites takes on new meaning with mobile
  • Some non-WordPress options for mobile
  • Should you have a separate domain for mobile?


(Membership required)

How to Easily Create and Launch Your Own Unique BRAND That Connects Emotionally With Your Audience, with David Tyreman (all levels)

david-tyremanDavid came from England and started a business in his garage that became a recognized brand for helping companies like Nike, Polo Ralph Lauren and Land Rover with their Brand Identity. Especially for smaller businesses and entrepreneurs David guides you through the brand building and launching steps he and his customers use. You’ll discover:

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  • How to create a successful BRAND
  • How to BRAND for emotional sales
  • What makes your BRAND most valuable to customers
  • How to avoid the SINGLE BIGGEST MISTAKE people make
  • How to stand apart from ALL others by defining your…

And much more!

(Membership required)

WordPress Community Sites, with Marc Beneteau (all levels)

WordPress can run an excellent social network, with features such as: events, groups, forums, friending, messaging, custom profiles, etc. What makes this possible is a very powerful plug-in called BuddyPress.  We will show you how it’s done and describe the benefits of using BuddyPress for organizations such as associations, churches, charities, sport teams, franchises, and even company intranets.

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We’ll cover:

  • Installing and setting up a WPMU + BuddyPress site.
  • WPMU multisite overview
  • BuddyPress set up and basic configuration demo.
  • Buddypress feature overview: groups, forums, friend connections, sharing, private messaging, activity stream, extended profiles.
  • Buddypress plug-in over view with demo installs for events, group emails, calendar’s.
  • Custom profile’s set up and review.
  • And more…


Bonus Sessions (New!)

Dates & Times
(all sessions 75 min.)
Content / Presenter

***Free Recording***

Creating Online Communities, with tech-geek and video super-star Chris Pirillo (all levels)

chris-pirilloWe are extremely excited to be interviewing Chris Pirillo on how he developed a massive internet following (160 million video views) since he started his business in 1996. He will tell us how he did it (hint: 5446 videos on his Youtube channel) and provide timely and insightful advice on:

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  • Creating compelling content
  • Fostering community building
  • Implementing winning social media strategies
  • How to establish yourself as an authority
  • Developing interpersonal connections in a virtual world
  • And much more…


(Membership required)

Professional Green-Screen Video for under $500, with Marc Beneteau (all levels)

Video technology and software continues to go down in price and increase in quality.  Video production is one of the most effective ways of creating rapport with your audience and spreading your message, yet many people are stumped by it.  This doesn’t have to be the case.  In this presentation we’ll clear some of the obstacles and explain how you can create stunning professional videos (green-screen or not) on a very small budget with just a little know-how. We’ll cover:

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  • Video Shooting, Editing, and Distributing basics
  • Video resolution and bitrate
  •  Video sources & Equipment choices
  • Lighting recommendations
  • Teleprompters
  • Screen capture options
  • Video editing software choices
  • Distributing video on the web
  • Posting public video to Youtube
  • Posting private video to your site with JWPlayer (using http streaming)
  • Editing and publishing in Sony Vegas Studio
  • Noise removal and normalizing audio in Audacity
  • And more…
Marc will share the particular sense of accomplishment that comes from preparing professional videos, and some of the struggles that he faced in getting there.


***Free Recording***

Writing and Promoting Killer Blog Posts, with “Suitcase Entrepreneur” Natalie Sisson

natalie-sissonNatalie is a celebrity writer and entrepreneur who developed a 6-figure business out of her suitcase while living in exotic locations around the world.  She will tell us how she did it, including:

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  • Write killer blog posts that go viral
  • Plan out your editorial content
  • Must-have WordPress plugins that save you time, make you more effective, optimize your site and tap into social media
  • Tools and Resources she uses for her business
  • Effective outsourcing strategies
  • How to “sculpt” your social media profiles
  • The “Women’s entrepreneur edge”
  • Working from the road — tips and tricks
  • And more…


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wp-cloneOur revolutionary plugin WP Clone is the fastest, easiest and most secure way to copy and migrate WordPress websites.  Use it to:

  • Move or clone a WordPress website from one host to another, or from one domain to another
  • Move a WordPress site up or down a directory level
  • Copy to and from development versions of your sites (including sites running under local server hosting)
  • Backup your site


About your instructors (In order of appearance)

Marc Beneteau is the founder of WP Academy.  He is a trainer, instructional designer, entrepreneur, WordPress developer, and internet marketer. He ran a successful web design business for 3 years prior to starting WP Academy, and was Chief Technology Officer of an internet startup before that. His full professional profile on Linkedin.

Rick Anderson is a WordPress instructor and developer specializing in both the Thesis Theme and the Genesis Theme Framework. In 2009 he founded BYOBWebsite.com which has since trained thousands of small business owners how to build their own websites.

michel-fortinMichel Fortin of MichelFortin.com is a copywriter, marketer, consultant, and super-blogger (55,000 followers). In the last few years alone, he was instrumental in selling over a hundred million dollars worth of products and services for a wide variety of clients, spanning hundreds of different industries. Whether it’s a poorly targeted market, a lackluster offer, or drab copy that either bores or entertains your market (at best), Michel and his team can plug costly leaks that are robbing your business blind, and transform it into a profit-pulling powerhouse.

beth-baranyBeth Barany is a certified creativity coach, bestselling author, and publishing consultant. She helps writers get their writing done and out into the world. She creates practical and inspirational books and products for authors, including her most recent product, the video course, “How to Run a Successful Blog Tour.” Her latest book for authors is Twitter for Authors: Social Media Book Marketing Strategies for Shy Writers. Her young adult epic fantasy novel, Henrietta The Dragon Slayer Book #1 in her fantasy series, won Grand Prize in the 2012 California Book Fiction Challenge. For more information on Beth’s services and products, visit BethBarany.com.


Shahar and Nash BoyayanShahar and Nash Boyayan are a mother and daughter team. They pioneered an approach called NeuroMagnetism, a simple and effective way to trigger your customers’ hot buttons. They are committed to help entrepreneurs achieve long lasting prosperity, having mastered high-level social media marketing for business as well as internet marketing and positioning. For more information see Buzz Booster.

jeff mageeJeff Magee has been called one of today’s leading “Leadership & Marketing Strategists.” Jeff is the Author of more than 20 books, four best sellers, Publisher of PERFORMANCE/P360 Magazine, Co-Host of the national business entrepreneur program on Catalyst Business Radio, and Human Capital Developer for more than twenty years with JeffreyMagee.com.

George Plumley  is a well-known and respected WordPress author, trainer and coach.  He is the author of WordPress 24-hour trainer and Website Design and Development: 100 Questions to Ask Before Building a Website, and also writes articles and shoots videos from his popular site SeeHowTwo. George has a background in philosophy and broadcasting and lives in Western Canada.

david-tyremanDavid Tyreman is a best-selling author, public speaker, mentor and guide.  His mission is to inspire others to develop an exciting presence in their market by focusing on authentic Brand Identity. David arrived in the United States from England in 1988.  He began an antique business in his garage and morphed it into Propaganda Inc: a ‘Visual Branding Company’ that helped brand and differentiate some of the best known companies on the planet including Polo Ralph Lauren, Nike, Guess and Disney.

chris-pirilloChris Pirillo has been working in the content publishing industry since 1996. He launched his first company, LockerGnome, to provide practical technology knowledge, and has since become a social media celebrity, gaining 160 million video views and hundreds of thousands of followers on Youtube, Twitter and Google+. From creating compelling content to fostering community building to implementing winning social media strategies, Chris Pirillo has been there and done that – and continues to help others do the same for themselves. He loves to help people spread the word about their projects and ventures. You can reach him here.

natalie-sissonNatalie Sisson is a Suitcase Entrepreneur and adventurer who’s on a mission to ensure you create freedom in business and adventure in life. Check out how she breaks down how to build an online business you love from anywhere, using online tools, social media and outsourcing so you can live life on your own terms.

What’s the Catch?

The free WordPress, Web Marketing and Entrepreneur Success presentations are given with two purposes in mind:

  1. Introduce you to leading WordPress &  Web Marketing experts, while giving concrete skills that you can use on your own
  2. Previews for all of our instructor’s paid programs, designed to give a taste of the content and style of delivery.

However, there is no purchase required as these are complete, stand-alone trainings, equal or superior to many paid training programs.

The recordings will be available for free until March 17, 2013.


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