Hosting & Support FAQ


Support Terms & Instructions

Please read the following carefully:

  1. For all support issues, work through the ticket system by mailing our support department. Remember to give us your dashboard access in case of a WordPress problem.  Expect a reply within 4 hours, and usually much sooner (hosting issues in particular get priority support).  You may also telephone (610) 314-7712, Extension 2, during US EST business hours.
    Note that we do not guarantee resolution of  theme-related or plugin-related questions,  CSS issues on your site, etc.  (although we’ll check your site and provide general guidance, which is often all that’s required).    For this you may need to use the support system created by the theme or plugin vendor.  If your request is out-of-scope, we will typically offer to do it as part of our affordable outsourcing services.
  2. If you are a WP Live subscriber, it might be easier to get help by coming to a coaching group than by creating a ticket.  There are also no limitations in the type of help that you can get in the coaching groups.
  3. For any emergencies (ie. site is down, or email not working), also send a brief email to: pager2 [at] One of us will be in touch with you as soon as possible, even on the weekend.  Note that such problems are rare.
  4. We ask that you read and understand our Support Contract Terms and  Hosting Terms of Service.

How to start (or transfer) your hosting

Important note: We do not provide domain registration.  You will need to continue to use your current domain registrar(s).  If your domain is registered by your current hosting company, we suggest you transfer your domains to a specialized domain registrar

If you want your current site(s) transferred to our hosting:

Open a support ticket and tell us:

  • Your primary domain
  • Login to your current  control panel (username and password)
  • In the ticket, specify  any email addresses attached to your domain (

We will look at your site and tell you the next steps.

If you want to start a new site (easiest)

  • Register a domain name (we recommend Godaddy or NameCheap).  Assign the name servers that are sent to you in your WP Academy Hosting welcome mail.  (Instructions for setting name servers  here.)
  • Order your new hosting account from here
  • Your hosting account will be automatically provisioned and you can start using it as soon as your name server changes have propagated (this takes anywhere between 1 minute and 4 hours).

How to order Backup Buddy

Your support contract includes up to 5 licenses to Backup Buddy, the web’s premier WordPress Backup Solution.  To order a Backup Buddy installation and configuration:

  1. Open a ticket and request a BackupBuddy installation. First time you order, we will need to know (for each site): your WordPress site url, username and password; and FTP access to your hosting (this is usually the same as your cPanel access).   We store this information so you will not need to specify it the next time you order.  We may also put your site under management by InfiniteWP and install their plugin to your site — please do not remove ot deactivate it.
  2. Decide on Amazon Web Services or Dropbox as your backup destination.  Dropbox is free for up to 5gb, so your storage will eventually fill unless you check it periodically and delete old backup files.  AWS is free for the first year, then $.03 per GB of storage, and so you don’t have to worry about capacity.  As such, we recommend you use  AWS for your backup storage, as it will cost you either nothing or else pennies per month, and you can also use your AWS account for large downloads from your site.   If you already have an account at, signup for AWS using the same user and password.  In either case, we’ll need your username and password to your account.
  3. You have the option of  (1) A weekly full backup and daily database backup, or (2) A monthly full backup and weekly database backup.  If your site is not very active, choose the latter (which we will create by default unless you specify otherwise).

How to order a Security / Vulnerability assessment of your site

You may order a security / vulnerability assessment every 6 months for up to 5 websites.  This is included in your support package at no additional cost.

If you have already requested this less than 6 months ago, and want to add a new site, you can order it anytime.

  1. Start by ordering a Backup Buddy installation (above), as we can’t update your site unless its already backup-up.  It’s Ok, however to order a security assessment at the same time you order your Backup Buddy.
  2. First time you order, we will need to know: (for each site): your WordPress site url, username and password; and FTP access to your hosting (this is usually the same as your cPanel access).   We store this information so you will not need to specify it the next time you order.
  3. We will update your WordPress site and all your plugins to the latest versions.  We don’t normally update your theme as that may destroy your customizations.  However we can do it at your request if you think it will not damage your site (you know you have not made any CSS changes).
  4. If this is not the first time you order, we will also check that your backups are being stored successfully.

Ordering Google Apps integration

First, make sure you you understand Migrating your email to Google Apps and Gmail

Update Jan. 2013: Google Apps now costs $5/mth per user.  You must purchase the service first from Google.  A single user can have multiple email addresses (or aliases) under one or more domain names.  Different email addresses can be filtered into different folders (known as “labels”) inside Gmail

After purchasing the service, write to us with following info and we will setup your MX records to start receiving Gmail on your domain:

  1. Your Google Apps login (primary email and password)
  2. Access to your hosting account (username and password)
  3. If you are already receiving emails (Pop3 mailboxes or forwarders) on your domain, please let us know, and also (important) let us know any email aliases (ie.

Important: Shortly after the Google account is created, any emails sent to will be managed by Google / Gmail, so if you are using any other webmail system for mails sent to your domain, you will need to somehow clean up or archive it, since old mails may no longer be accessible.

Email server settings

Here are the email server settings for POP3 / IMAP mailboxes on our servers:
(If you receive an SSL warning, simply ignore it)

Secure SSL/TLS Settings
Password:       Use the email account’s password.
Incoming Server:
IMAP Port: 993
POP3 Port: 995
Outgoing Server:
SMTP Port: 465
Authentication is required for IMAP, POP3, and SMTP.

Non-SSL Settings
(This is NOT recommended.)
Password:       Use the email account’s password.
Incoming Server:
IMAP Port: 143
POP3 Port: 110
Outgoing Server:
SMTP Port: 25
Authentication is required for IMAP, POP3, and SMTP.

Webmail works at


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