Terms of Service / Hosting Policy

First, be aware of the following facts with regards to hosting companies.

  1. Hosts are not all alike — the server load factor will determine the server response time, which has a dramatic affect on your user experience and also affects your SEO ranking.
  2. All conventional hosts will shut-down your account if you exceed “normal” CPU usage.  This can occur, for example, if you have a big usage spike caused by an article on the web or a promotion campaign for your site.   So, you always want to use a responsible hosting company that monitors usage, cuts service rarely and communicates clearly,  and does not overload servers.  WP Academy will never shut you down without warning.

The simple rules that follow should cover 100% of our customer’s needs.

  1. You can host unlimited domains.  In fact, in general you only ever need one hosting company.  See Instructions for hosting an additional domain
  2. We’ll start you out with 10 GB disk and 100 GB transfer bandwidth.  This is enough for hundreds of WordPress websites and more than enough for 99% of small business websites.
  3. Additional disk space is charge $1/mth per GB.  Additional bandwidth is generally free, but we may request you use a Content Distribution Network (CDN) such as CloudFlare.
  4. If your site starts using up inordinate amounts of system resources, we will get in touch with you and attempt to resolve the problem. We will also limit your site’s ability to send email if we detect spam mail activity.
  5. You have your own cPanel (from which you control all your hosting options and emails), and so you can transfer out your site and cancel our service any time you want.
  6. Reseller hosting on our servers (i.e. hosting for your web clients) is not normally allowed (exception for pro-bono clients or just a few sub-accounts). If you have web clients its best to have a reseller hosting system that gives them their own cpanels (a courtesy to them in case you disappear).  Web designers are encouraged to join our affiliate program or  write for other possibilities

If you have any questions about this policy, please open a ticket.