WP Clone FAQ

WP Clone is now available at the WordPress.org plugin repository and downloadable through your Dashboard (Plugins > Add New > Search)

We are committed to ongoing development and support of this plugin at WordPress.org.  Please support our efforts and open-source software by making a small donation:

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Backup programs using PHP scripts are going to fail predictably on larger installation due to server limitations (Maximum Execution time etc).  Make sure you read and thoroughly understand the following BEFORE you restore a new site.

  • NEVER overwrite an installation for which you do not have an alternate backup source (i.e. a cPanel backup). Normally you would restore onto a fresh WP installation on another host or on a subdomain. If the restore fails your destination site might become unusable, so be prepared to enter cPanel and then destroy / recreate the new installation if necessary.
  • There is never an issue in damaging the source installation. So backup sites at your pleasure. If your backup succeeds it is probable that your restore will also succeed. But don’t take any chances.
  • Large sites (>2GB) might take as long as an hour to backup. Sites of 250 MB or less should take no more than a minute or two, depending on your server.
  • We recommend you deactivate and delete page caching, security and maybe redirection plugins and re-install them on the new site, if necessary. In general, delete all unnecessary plugins and data from your site before you backup. You can also use the “Exclude directories” option if you have large media files, which you can then copy back to the new site with FTP.
  • An alternate method that should work in 99% of installations is to do a “Database Only” backup (use “Advanced Settings”), transfer the wp-content directory over with FTP, and then restore new site.
  • Note also that WP Clone should NOT be used on WP Engine or any hosting system with proprietary operating system. Instead, use their built-in tools.

Supported / Unsupported hosting platforms

Because hosts are different, no WordPress backup plugin can claim universal support on all hosts. However, WP Clone uses the internal WordPress zip archive functions to store and restore files, so if you are able to install themes and plugins from your dashboard in the usual way, the plugin should work.

Confirmed Supported Platforms

How to copy from local server to your hosted website

Create a backup of the local site in the usual way, then save the backup file (right-click > Save) to your local disk.  Upload this file to the root directory of your destination website and then use this url in the “Restore” dialog of the new site: http://yourdomain.com/<name of the backup file.zip>.

Fastest way to copy a site onto cPanel hosting

This is a method that allows both sites to be active during the transition, and works marvelously with WP Clone.  Click here (under “DIY method with WP Clone”).

How to change the domain name of a site in-place

If you want to change the domain name of a site in-place (ie you don’t want to copy the site to a new domain and use both sites, you just want a single site under different domain), you don’t use WP Clone.  The process is simple provided you are using a cpanel hosting system.

  • If your current site (old domain) is the primary domain of a cpanel hosting account, park your new domain on the hosting account.  If your old domain is an add-on domain, add the new domain as an add-on domain and assign it the same sub-directory (file location) of the old domain
  • Now change your name servers for the new domain.   After propagation, you will be able to see your site at http://newdomain.com, however internal links (navbar links)  will point to the old domain
  • Now login to your dashboard and go to Settings > General and change the Site Url and Blog Url from http://olddomain.com to http://newdomain.com.
    Caution: you can use http://www.olddomain.com and http://www.newdomain.com but be consistant, or your site may go down and you will lose dashboard access.  (it’s wise to take a site backup before you do this)
  • You may need to run Velvet Blues Url changer to update internal links on your pages as well, just go global search-and-replace from http://olddomain.com to http://newdomain.com

What if WP Clone doesn’t work?

Check out  Moving WordPress for other methods, including the manual method using PHPMyAdmin.