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christine-kaneFor years, my pal Christine Kane has been teaching business owners how to start, build and grow a massively successful business from an unwavering core of soul and personal energy.  Christine is truly extraordinary, she is (IMHO) the preeminent modern-day master at what might be called “authentic marketing”.  Read on to find out how you can benefit from her cutting-edge ideas and practices for becoming a “SOUL-based” entrepreneur.

Directly below I am pasting her description of her new and best program ever.  But let me give a few facts to get your attention.

Last time I promoted her program, about 20 WP Academy students signed up for her combination virtual / live program, at a price around $1500.  I met many of them in Atlanta last spring, at her main event “Uplevel Your Business”.  Most of them (if not all) were transformed by that experience.

And she’s doing one even better this time.  She’s launching her new program at one-third of the cost, but with even more benefits: it’s both the latest iteration of her experience in coaching authentic (soul-based) business development, and you still get a free ticket to the live event!  The live event will happen in Asheville NC early next year (I believe — please confirm with her) — this alone is worth four times the price of admission, as she is phenomenal on stage and the energy and networking opportunities at a live event are often very impactful.

But regardless of whether the full program is in your future (or your budget), you can still get some amazing ideas and inspiration from the intro call she has coming up.  Just register here:

Defying Gravity Training <== register now

Here is what Christine has to say about her upcoming free training:

Soul? Personal energy? That’s “woo” talk! What’s that got to do with success?

Well, keep reading. This gets good.

This week, Christine is doing a free training that will literally teach you exactly how to use your own personal power and energy to “Defy Gravity” in your business.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • You’ll discover why “soft is the new hard” in business – and get practical techniques to access and manage your power for hard results.
  • How to identify and clear your own “energy traps” – the patterns that are locked in and keeping you personally stuck in your business.
  • Two practical tools you can download and use to Uplevel your power and focus your intention daily.
  • A 7-step “Soul Map” that shows you the “New Laws of Gravity” for attracting more success in your business (Post this by your desk!)

Here’s the thing.

Christine transitioned her successful music career into a multi-million dollar coaching company using these very tools. (An unusual path, yes. Which means this will be a pretty fun ride!)

She’ll also share inside secrets of her students who have doubled and tripled their income using these techniques. (And no, these are definitely not “woo.”)

This is a ONE-TIME training event (totally free) and the doors close next week…

Here’s the link to grab your space:

Defying Gravity Training <== register now

p.s. WARNING: In Christine’s words: “This is not your typical ‘think-good-thoughts’ mindset stuff!” This training will dive into your energy, your soul and your power. So if you’re into stodgy, tactical business-speak, don’t click this link

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