Learn the Getting Things Done (GTD®) Productivity System

I am thrilled to present my latest course, Get It Done with IQTell: Best App for GTD® and Inbox Zero, for free — but only during the launch period.  Sign-up now before this course become paid!  And please leave a positive review if you like it.


David Allen’s Getting Things Done(®) or GTD® system is a world-famous productivity system.  IQTell®  is one of the leading software implementations of the GTD model. Learn both in under an hour in this fast-paced training sequence, which is guaranteed to give you concepts and tools that will change your life, or money-back!

Being productive requires a mindset, a system, and a tool.  GTD provides the mindset and the system, and is a powerful model for managing tasks, goals and ideas — all the things that your life is made of, and upon which your success depends. IQTell provides the tool.  IQTell is a great implementation of the GTD model and is a very useful management tool for any system.

Here is what you will learn: 

  • A conceptual and practical understanding of the GTD® system
  • We will put the IQTell software in context, comparing it with other applications designed for GTD, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and Project Management…
  • And then guide you step-by-step through the IQTell software into a complete GTD implementation for your business or personal life…
  • Which will more than likely change the way you organize and run your business and your life, because you will learn both a method and a tool in which all the data you need is in a single place and organized how you want it
  • Anybody can benefit from this information: students, entrepreneurs, contractors, clergy, moms
  • The only requirement for getting something out of this course is that you have work to do and that you want to better manage, prioritize, or reflect on your current tasks and life goals!

GTD is the world’s most famous productivity system…

But it’s also famously complex and difficult to understand and implement.  But not any more! With the quick and yet comprehensive GTD summaries provided in this course, and the help of the IQTell software, you will be well on your way to what we call “Productivity Holy Grail”

Get the course for free during the launch period!

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